Professional Portrait Photographer

Meet Tim – not your ordinary photographer. He's the wizard behind the lens capturing stunning portraits that are as lively as they are beautiful. That's the world through Tim's lens, a place where every click is a burst of joy, and every portrait tells a story.

Tim’s approach to portrait photography is like a breath of fresh air—bold, colorful, and bursting with life. He has this unique knack for capturing personalities, not just faces, turning each photograph into a playful dance of light, color, and emotion. Whether it's a candid shot that captures the spark of laughter in someone's eyes or a carefully posed portrait that showcases someone's quirky side, Tim does it with a flair that’s entirely his own.

Fun facts about Tim: his favourite meal is a rare steak with a beer. He can often be seen at the crack of dawn running into the surf.

Tim works in Sydney & beyond.


Tim Bowman Professional Portrait Photographer